• Students with special needs. Students with special needs who require reasonable accommodations are encouraged to inform the instructor as early as possible.
  • Buddy System: Students are encouraged to team up for the purposes of sharing materials from missed classes and creating study groups.
  • Code Of Academic Integrity: Academic integrity is central to forwarding the mission, goals and objectives of Roses In Concrete. Roses is committed to providing an environment conducive to all aspects of teaching and learning. Rose’s students are held to the highest moral and ethical standards and are obligated to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the principles as stated in the Code of Academic Integrity as follows.

  1. The Code of Academic Integrity prohibits students from engaging in any acts of academic dishonesty whatsoever, including but not limited to: plagiarizing; lying; cheating; and/or fraud.
  2. Plagiarizing is defined as taking ownership of the work or idea of another as one’s own without crediting the source.
  3. Lying is defined as making a false statement, which is intended to deceive. 
  4. Cheating is defined as benefiting from acting dishonestly or unfairly. 
  5. Fraud is defined as serving as an impostor for personal gain.

Attendance Policy:

Students must attend all class meetings, rehearsals and performances on a timely basis,

barring illness, family emergency or jury duty. Chronic tardiness or failure to attend class regularly will adversely affect your grade.

Phone and Computer Policy:

Cell phone use is not allowed in class. Students must turn off their cell phones before classes begin. Students whose phones ring or who text in class will be marked absent. The use of computers in the classroom must be class-relevant. Instructor reserves the right to prohibit computer use in the classroom for certain activities.

Grading Percentages:

Final project: 20%

Midterm: 15%

Attendance: 15%

Class Participation: 15%

Final Exam: 15%

Written assignments: 10%

Quizzes/Tests: 10%

Course Description:

This class offers an in-depth exploration of Computer Science, Audio Production, Digital Marketing, and 3d Printer. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the basic concepts of 3D

printing, Audio Production, digital marketing, and computer science. Understanding and having some of these basic skills in the 21st century will be enriching our students education and making more job opportunities available when they graduate high school.

Student Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, students will be able to teach and make their own projects based on the basic concepts of the Arts and Technology! They will have a fundamental understanding of creating and learning more and more complex algorithms in CS(Computer Science), they will know how to market their own projects and even Companies who need DM(Digital Marketing), our AP(Audio Production) students will know how to record and operate professional recording software, and our 3d printing department will learn how to find STL models and take them to slicing software and print them. Students will come away with a greater knowledge of how to

be creative, innovative, and having confidence that they can accomplish any goal or dream they put their mind too.

Weekly Outline (Subject to Change)

Week 1-3:

Introduction to Audio Production and 3D Printer Basic Concepts

Week 4-6

Applying learned concepts to real task

Introduction to Digital Marketing and Coding on Python or Snap

Week 7-9

Applying learned concepts to New Task and presenting them to the class

Week 10-12

Learning simple hacking

Hackathon for Students

Week 13-15

Preparing for Final Exam and Presentations

Week 16

Final Projects, students will be responsible for their own project and materials. And should

have a video, power point, or paper included with their project