Coding Music Core Values


At Coding Music we show and teach our students about having values. And inside those values, we teach and make sure they have Moral's, Respect, and Love for everyone!


Everyday we encourage our kids to believe and have faith in their dreams and that they can achieve anything they put their mind to!

Independent Thinking

Now days Social Media has been a great asset to business's who want to make more money and grow there user base. Social Media has also caused a lot of negative aspects as well, such as causing Children to be addicted to social platforms. This has resulted in less Independent Thinking when it comes to school courses such as reading, math, science, and history. Coding Music's goal is to make sure we raise the reading levels in Oakland California and teach children to think Independently and not depend on there electronics.

Coding Music Core Values


One of Coding Music's most important values is Teamwork! Students are encouraged to team up for the purposes of sharing materials from missed classes and creating study groups. This creates independent thinking, new friendships, and caring for each other.

Care For Others

Social Media has caused children to become addicted to their social platforms. Children have lost consciousness of Values, Believing in themselves and one another, Independent Thinking, Teamwork, and most importantly Caring For Others! We at Coding music consider this a Code of Academic Integrity!

Empower Her | To Reimagine Future Possibilities

  • Coding Music fosters self-efficacy and build confidence to generate positive self-identities
  • Provide relatable mentors and role models to demystify stereotypes about technology and emerging careers.

Excite Her | By Sharing Success and Accomplishments

  • Leverage Strategic forums/events to celebrate girls contributions and accomplishments.
  • Promote success stories so they can see anything is possible with faith and hard work!
  • Bring in role models to inspire girls.

Encourage Her | By Engaging Parents/Family and Educators

  • Engage her parents/family/peers to support and encourage her interests in technology, engineering, and the arts.
  • Have educators/counselors be apart of the support community as well.

Engage Her | Through Hands-On Experiences And Innovation Skills

  • Boast individual and collective passions and interest through hands on experiences on topics important & relevant to them.
  • Help girls create solutions that help people and make a difference through technology and innovative skills.