Coding Music Scratch Project

Coding Music Student Mosiah explaining his Digital Fidget Spinner game he coded on Scratch!

Our Story

Coding Music Girls chose Science!

 . Coding Music is one of the top contending non-profit organizations prepared to help students reach there dreams and goals who want to make music and tech a viable career option. Computer science stands at the epicenter of this new age of information. This field once stood at the crossroads between mathematics, engineering, and physics, but has now blossomed into its own discipline which leads the cutting edge of technology. Not surprisingly, those who study computer science often access some of the highest paying jobs in a wide range of growing fields. Governments increasingly require protection from dangerous cyber-attacks, every branch of science wishes to benefit from evermore complex computer models, and more people from every demographic group can now afford cheap apps and portable video games.

. Not just an entertainment center, Coding Music gives music and coding lessons with free studio/computer time to teenagers who can’t afford to pay for it. CM’s goal is to help students learn music and computer science at the highest level. CM wants to have one of the leading research centers in computer science with top facilities in California and eventually throughout the world. CM want’s to one day attract the brightest students and professors from all around the world. What’s very unique at Coding Music is how we train our kids at an early age to work in all aspects of the music and tech industry. Coding Music plans to help bring music education and computer science to the community. 

. From the business to publishing end of the music and tech industry. Coding Music’s goal is to be recognized all over the world as an innovator in the music and tech industry that supports the creativity of young upcoming artist and inventors who otherwise would never have the access or opportunity. Coding Music is aware of cycles of short-term ups and downs in the economy, and is prepared to stay physically sound and make prudent business choices. Coding Music will rock the music and tech world by mentoring and producing young artists and inventors of the future, like no other company out there.